Stocking a Commercial Kitchen

When opening a restaurant, the central area will be the kitchen. The kitchen will be the center of activity for your restaurant. The layout of the kitchen should focus on being a type of an assembly line. The equipment you purchase in commercial restaurant equipment for sale shops, will need to be compatible with the available space in your kitchen, also. The kitchen will also be the most expensive part of your restaurant, so you must choose equipment wisely.


When stocking a restaurant kitchen, you can decide to lease, buy new, or buy used equipment. New material is the most expensive, but each piece comes with a warranty that covers service if the piece breaks down within a given period. Used equipment can save you money, but you would be responsible for any breakdowns. Leasing can be the best choice if the leasing terms are appropriate. When leasing equipment, the lease company typically services the equipment and most times you can rent to own. If you plan to purchase used equipment, you should look for restaurant auctions for the best deals. eBay could be a resource for small items.

Whether you buy new or old or lease, you are going to need some of the same equipment. When shopping for equipment, people will try to convince you to purchase items you do not need. Make a list that includes only the necessary items. Wait to buy the specialty items until you know you will need them.

The type of restaurant will determine the kind and amount of equipment to purchase, but the following is an essential list for most types of restaurants:

commercial kitchen• Freezer, walk-in and reach-in coolers.
• Stove top with an oven. It would be best to purchase a commercial set.
• Grill with a variety of settings.
• At least one deep-fryer but depending on the type of restaurant, you may need more.
• Pots and pan which include saucepans, soup pots, and frying pans.
• Various plates which include salad, dessert, appetizer, and entrée.
• Utensils are an important part of any commercial kitchen. Include items such as tongs, ladles, chef’s knives, spatulas, whisks, and others.
• Baking sheets and pans.
• Bowls which include serving and mixing.
• If you plan to serve pizza, you will need pizza pans and a pizza cutter.
• Cleaning supplies for your kitchen and other areas.
• Steam table if your style of food needs one.

This list is just a guide. Depending on the type and size of your kitchen, you may want more or fewer items. Make your own list based on your restaurant needs and use this list as a starting point.